Science of partnership and possibilitiesTM


Creating possibilities through the endless potential of science

At Honour, we aim to transform the global CDMO and Specialty landscape with our new offerings, Honour Synthesis and Honour Specialty.

Our passionate team embraces the science of partnership and possibilities. We deliver excellence to our pharmaceutical and biotechnology partners through unlocking practical solutions.

Our commitment to transform everyday life of humankind expands to creating specialty chemicals and ingredients for electronics and pharmaceutical industries. Upholding the highest Environmental, Social, and Governance standards, we collaborate with stakeholders to foster sustainable, people-centric, and transformative outcomes for our partners.

Visual identity

A new identity for new ambitions

Introducing our new logo, a visual expression that symbolizes the harmonious fusion of chemistry and technology, encapsulating our vast capabilities and transforming them into practical solutions for our partners.

Chemistry is at the heart of our operations, shaped by our capabilities across domains, and put to work through our purpose-driven solutions.

Our logo's dynamic design signifies the organization's versatility, driven by a forward-thinking approach towards innovation and the endless possibilities unlocked through breakthroughs in research and manufacturing capabilities.


Innovation is at the heart of everything we do

At Honour, we constantly evolve, integrating novel capabilities and cultivating a comprehensive portfolio of solutions designed to serve partners throughout the product development lifecycle.


Unlocking the potential of limitless possibilities

Fuelled by advanced technological capabilities, Honour operates through two distinct divisions Synthesis & Specialty.


Honour Synthesis provides comprehensive and customised solutions to partners in the pharmaceutical, electronics and performance material industries to meet their unique needs.

Our offerings include Custom Synthesis as well as Synthetic Chemistry services for discovery programs. Through our CDMO services for Starting Materials and Intermediates, we offer complete lifecycle solutions for product development and manufacturing. This encompasses process and analytical method development, scale-up, and commercial production.


Honour Specialty division is a hub for diverse chemicals and ingredients tailored to meet the needs of our valued partners. We manufacture coupling reagents, electronic chemicals that form the foundational building blocks for displays and high speed communication systems and high quality excipients for pharmaceutical use.

We aim to manufacture versatile monomers for polymers with applications spanning across aerospace, automotive and energy industries.


Driving progress through
collaborative innovation


R&D and Manufacturing

Honour R&D team enables the perfect blend of chemistry and technology, utilising our vast capabilities to develop practical solutions for our partners. Our state-of-the-art R&D facility with 150+ scientists ensures that we are well equipped to address the unique needs of our partners.

Our six manufacturing facilities located in India, with approvals from global regulatory agencies, adhere to global safety norms. We provide reliable supply of products that meet the highest quality standards.

Our integrated expertise of R&D and Manufacturing makes us the CDMO partner of choice.


Years of operations

~3,000 m3

Manufacturing capacity



Our Values

Driven by our
core values

We are deeply rooted in honouring the four core values which define us.



We strive for innovation in everything we do. We constantly push the boundaries of what is possible.



In today’s dynamic world, agility is essential. We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly adapt to emerging technologies and evolving global needs.



Trust is the foundation of our relationships with our partners and employees alike.



At our core, we value integrity above everything. Honour is committed to doing the right thing, even when it is difficult.

Come experience the
Science of partnership and possibilitiesTM

Join us on the journey towards progress and innovation and uncover how Honour can help you push the boundaries of science.

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